GAP Insurance

Protecting your
brand new investment

Protects you against any financial shortfall should your vehicle be written off or stolen

Removes any requirement to borrow money or use savings to replace your vehicle

Returns you to the original position you were in before the date of loss

Tyre & Alloy Insurance

Protect your
alloy wheels and tyres

Protects you against the unexpected cost of having a tyre repaired or replaced

Keeps your alloy wheels in a showroom condition, maintaining both the appearance and value of the vehicle

Repairs are completed at a time and location convenient for you and are guaranteed

SMART Insurance

Keep your car in
showroom condition

Keeps the vehicle in a showroom condition, maintaining both the appearance and value

Protects your motor insurance premium and no claims bonus

Repairs completed at a convenient time and location, and are guaranteed for lifetime of ownership

Paint & Fabric Insurance

Much more than just a polish

Keeps your paint and upholstery in pristine condition

Protects your car from the realities of everyday life

Hassle-free application

In most cases, from the moment a vehicle leaves the dealership, it will start to depreciate at a rate that is dependent upon how old it is, and how many miles it has clocked.

In the event that a vehicle is written off as a result of an accident, fire or theft, most insurers will only pay out the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss. This is often considerably less than its original value, and could mean that there is a shortfall on the outstanding finance, or the cost of replacing it with an equivalent vehicle.

Depending on how you choose to purchase or fund your vehicle, we offer a range of products to protect you and your vehicle:

Finance GAP

This covers the difference between the amount your motor insurance company pays, and the amount required to settle your finance agreement. It will also cover any initial rentals and contribute towards your motor insurance excess.

Return to Invoice Insurance

Covers the difference between the amount your motor insurer company pays and the original invoice price of the vehicle, including manufacturer and dealer fitted accessories. In addition, it will also contribute towards a motor insurance excess.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

VRI covers the difference between your motor insurers pay out and the cost of a new vehicle, despite any increases in cost as a result of model changes or inflation. Again, it will also contribute towards a motor insurance excess.

Kerbs, potholes and debris all take their toll on your wheels. It's all too easy to scuff an alloy or damage a tyre. In fact, it's the most common damage to new vehicles and can be expensive to put right.

Alloy wheels can be repaired quickly and professionally, giving you back the new car feel, and with no excess to pay.

Should a tyre need to be replaced as a result of accidental or malicious damage, it will be on a like-for-like basis, meaning no need to compromise on economy or safety.

Minor dents, small scratches and scuffs are not only unsightly, but they also have a negative effect on the value of a car. In the past, cosmetic damage meant leaving the vehicle with a conventional body shop for several days while it was repaired – often leaving you with a large bill at the end.

SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) Insurance offers effective, fast solutions to assist in the cosmetic repair of vehicles. It enables vehicle owners to take advantage of a nationwide network of mobile repairers who can assess and repair the damage at your convenience.

Our Paint and Fabric Programme includes a variety of products which use the latest technology in paint and upholstery chemistry to keep cars protected. Using a two-stage process, paintwork is sealed from external weathering, and interior from staining.